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Atlantic grey seal

Atlantic grey seal
Ramsey island bird life
Ramsey Island, owned by the RSPB and operated as a nature reserve, is wonderful haven for many different sea birds. Birdwatchers will enjoy seeing guillemots, razorbills, kittywakes, choughs, cormorants, shags, fulmars, oystercatchers and auks amongst many others at close quarters. Its unusual geology has produced an island of rocky hills and heather moorland with spectacular cliffs.

The island is home to the largest colony of Atlantic grey seals in southern Britain, and on our boat trips you will see lots of them in the island's many bays and caves.

Porpoises often come close to the boat, particularly in the turbulent waters between the east side of Ramsey and the mainland, where they take advantage of the turbulent waters to catch smaller fish while the tide is on its way in or out. Dolphins are occasional visitors in the summer when the waters are warm.

Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire

Ramsey Island is just off St Bride's Bay, Pembrokeshire.

Porpoises Dolphins in Ramsey Sound.
Smalls lighthouse picture It's nothing if not exhilarating!
Smalls lighthouse picture Ramsey Island is home to many seals. This one is more inquisitive than most!
Smalls lighthouse picture Many bird special live on and around Ramsey Island.
Smalls lighthouse picture Lots of dolphins!
Smalls lighthouse picture Smalls Lighthouse, built in 1861, lies 21 miles off St David's Head.
Basking seal on Ramsey Island A basking seal.

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